Data Breaches & Retail
A Guide for Retail Business Owners

Introduction: Cyber Risks and Data Breaches at Your Store

Introduction: Cyber Risks and Data Breaches at Your Store

During the busy holiday shopping season of 2013, the retail world received a shock when Target's stores were hacked — credit card data for millions of customers was stolen in what was the biggest data breach of all time. By now, that story is old news. But the risk isn't.

Mom-and-pop shops and major retailers alike are being hit with data breaches. In fact, Verizon's 2014 Data Breach Investigation Report New browser window icon. found that 31 percent of all data breaches attack point-of-sale systems like the one in your store. Whether you have a credit card terminal or an iPad with a point-of-sale (POS) app, your store could be a target (pardon the pun) for hackers looking to steal credit card data.

But that's only part of the story: data breaches are expensive. Even if you run a small retail business, a data breach could leave you with exorbitant cleanup costs. That's why we've written this eBook.

In the following pages, we'll dive into data breaches, providing an overview of what retailers can do to:

  • Minimize their risks.
  • Improve their technology.
  • Prevent breaches.
  • Prepare for the cost of a data breach.

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