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The Shoe Bakery in Orlando, Florida, offers a unique spin on the traditional shoe store — the shop custom paints footwear to look like cakes, donuts, and all sorts of sweets. When Chris and Aiesha Campbell were looking for insurance to cover their one-of-a-kind retail business, Insureon was an obvious choice. Insureon's agents responded with quotes faster than anyone else, gave them excellent customer service, and let them focus on growing their business. Read the full story.

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Managing Retail Cyber Risks

of cyber attacks target POS systems.

Online Retail Will Grow

of retailers don't have an online store yet.
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Top 5 Risks
  1. Theft
  2. Data breach
  3. Damage to inventory
  4. Customer injury
  5. Competition from big box stores
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As a storeowner, you'll be looking for retail insurance that protects your inventory and may cover lawsuits and other risks that can force small-business owners out of business.

To cover these risks and pay for losses, many storeowners invest in retail business insurance. Insureon's retail insurance specialists can customize General Liability Insurance to cover your slip-and-fall risks, tailor your Property Insurance to cover supply chain interruptions, and give you flexible Workers' Compensation Insurance that allows you to add temporary workers to your policy during your busy season.

If you're not sure where to start with your insurance, don't worry. Because Insureon's agents have helped nearly 10,000 other retailers, we'll help you find coverage that offers financial security that's a perfect fit for your business.

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