Florist / Flower Shop Insurance Cost
Retail Insurance Cost Analysis

Irrespective of business size or policies purchased, the average cost of retail insurance for flower shops in 2014 was $858.45. The median cost was $425.00.

What they buy.

Overall, our flower shop clients tend to stick with either a $1M/$2M GL policy or a BOP, which combines GL and Property insurance into a cost-saving package. 60% buy GL and 40% buy BOP. Among those buying GL, most buy the $1M/$2M policy.

General Liability Insurance?

How much is General Liability Insurance for Flower Shops?

Flower shops tend to pay less for GL ($421.20 for $1M/$2M) than do retailers in general ($591.13 for $1M/$2M) or small businesses in general ($591.45 for $1M/$2M).

a BOP?

How much is a Business Owner's Policy for Flower Shops?

Florists tend to pay slightly more for a BOP ($1,051.08) than retailers in general ($965.29) or small businesses in general ($769.94).

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