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Essential Insurance Coverages for Clothing Stores and Boutiques

Clothing store shop owners have a lot invested in their store. Whether you own a boutique showcasing the latest runway trends or a thrift store with vintage threads, you put time, money, and effort into curating your shop to entice your target market.

But without a risk management plan - one that protects your shop from the blow of liability lawsuits and thefts - your clothing boutique could suffer. For instance, anytime someone who isn't your employee sets foot on your property, you could face a General Liability suit if they are injured. Without the protection of that foundational "slip-and-spill" coverage, you put your savings on the line.

Small business insurance gives your clothing store a plan of action when setbacks arise. Instead of draining your bank account to cover an unexpected hit, you can rely on your coverage to step in and compensate your business for the cost of the claim. And the soft market today means getting the protection your business needs to thrive doesn't have to strap you, either. Our retail specialist insurance agents can tailor the following policies to meet your needs and fit your budget…

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Your business is your livelihood - and protecting it is easier than ever when you work with insurance experts who understand your industry. From our streamlined online application process to the industry-tailored products we offer, you come away with coverage that fits your needs, budget, and schedule. For a fast insurance quote today, simply apply online. Depending on your needs, we may be able to take you from quote to bind within 24 hours!

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