Data Breaches & Retail
A Guide for Retail Business Owners

Preventing Retail Data Breaches: A Final Word for Small-Business Owners

Preventing Retail Data Breaches: A Final Word for Small-Business Owners

We began this eBook with a startling statistic: 31 percent of all data breaches attack point-of-sale systems. This incredibly high volume of attacks explains why we've seen so many retailer data breaches. Criminals are going after retail payment systems every day. Even stores with million-dollar IT budgets can be victims.

Cyber Liability Insurance may offer you cost certainty by paying for the cost to clean up a breach and take measures to prevent identity theft among your customers.

But, as we saw in this eBook, even with insurance your business should be proactive about limiting your risk and preventing breaches by…

  • Training your employees.
  • Keeping your POS system up to date.
  • Working with IT professionals and payment processor experts.
  • Having a plan that outlines what steps you need to take after a breach.

As a small-business owner, you don't have money to throw away, so it's important for you to have a strategy to prevent data breaches and prepare for the cost of one.

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Data Breaches & Retail: A Guide for Small-Business Owners
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