Sample Certificates of Insurance
for Retail Businesses

Whether you sell clothes, books, food, or experiences, you’ll come across people who want to know that you have insurance. Your landlord, for example, will probably require proof of General Liability Insurance before letting you sign a commercial lease. And the suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers you work with are likely also interested in knowing you’re covered.

When you get a request for proof of insurance, the document you need to present is a Certificate of Liability Insurance. This one-page document is a summary of your policy, including…

  • Your policy number.
  • What your policy covers.
  • When coverage starts and expires.
  • Who your insurance provider is.

It’s handy because it lets your business associates see that you have insurance without having to sift through the pages and pages of your policy.

When you purchase insurance through Insureon, you can download a digital copy of your Certificate of Liability Insurance through our secure online portal. That makes it easy and convenient to get proof of coverage to folks who want it so you can sign contracts faster and keep your business moving.

Sample Certificate of Insurance for Retail Companies

See for yourself what an Insurance Certificate looks like for shop owners and small retail businesses by downloading a sample Certificate of Liability Insurance.

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