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Retail is a notoriously difficult sector of the economy. That's especially true for small retailers. To protect your store, it's essential to understand how General Liability, Property Insurance, and other small business insurance policies work. Additionally, it may be beneficial to adopt a risk management strategy that cuts down on potential accidents, injuries, theft, and lawsuits.

We've compiled these resources to help you manage retail risk, prevent financial blunders and lawsuits, and run your business more efficiently. Browse these articles to learn about everything from protecting your store from financial uncertainty to turning a larger profit. Dive in:

Top 5 Risks for Stores and Retail Businesses

Whether you operate a warehouse-style discount store or a mom-and-pop grocery, you face certain risks just by letting customers on your property. Find out where your biggest risks lie so you can protect what you've worked to build.

Customer Loyalty Programs: Yes or No?

Customer loyalty programs can help you grow a customer base and encourage return customers to open their wallets even wider. Get tips on running customer loyalty programs and using new technology to do so.

A New Retailer's Guide to Markdowns, Sales, and Discounts

Running a sale isn't as simple as lowering your prices. Discover when sales, markdowns, and discounts make sense and what you can do to increase their success.

How to Get Your Retail Store through Your Slow Season

Whether you're a seasonal retailer or merely looking for more business during a late winter lull, this article covers avoiding slowdowns and running your business more efficiently in lean months.

How to Prevent Customer Injuries (and Slip-and-Fall Lawsuits)

A slip-and-fall accident can lead to a major lawsuit. While General Liability may cover these lawsuits, find out how to prevent lawsuits and make your store a safer place.

8 Classic Retail Startup Mistakes to Avoid

You don't have to reinvent the wheel — learn from the mistakes other retailers make. Read our article on 8 classic retail blunders that could cost you.

8 Key Strategies for Hiring Retail Temps

Many storeowners hire retail temps to boost their workforce in busy months. But temporary work staff isn't without its risk. Follow these strategies to avoid injuries and improve your workplace efficiency while employing temporary workers.

4 Retail Inventory Management Tips to Prevent Theft

Theft hits you where it hurts — by taking a bite out of your store's profits. Theft can make it harder for small businesses to stay afloat. These four tips can help you avoid costly losses.

8 Steps to Setting Prices for Your Retail Business

Setting a price is trickier than you'd expect. Make sure you account for all your expenses and take these eight steps into consideration before pricing your inventory.

11 Things to Consider when Choosing a Security System

Security systems not only protect your store, they can also help you receive discounts on your store's Property Insurance. Uncover the new advantages that come with digital security systems and when you should upgrade.

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