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Your pet supply store or pet shop is a mecca for animal enthusiasts. Your clients come to your shop for the specialty pet foods, crates, aquariums, birdcages, clothing, and bedding - all the trappings they need to keep their pets healthy and comfortable. And depending on your services, your customers may visit expressly to find a new animal companion to join their home.

But working with animals and their owners comes with certain risks, especially if you offer services such as obedience training for pups. Someone could get hurt and hold your business responsible. Or you may sell a faulty product that harms someone's beloved pet - and you could end up paying millions in settlement fees when that person sues your business.

Your pet supply store needs a solid risk management plan that can account for unexpected setbacks. Our licensed retail business insurance agents recommend carrying...

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Time is of the essence when your business is faced with a legal situation or the aftermath of a natural disaster. That's why we offer coverage from top-rated insurance providers who have built their reputations on quick payouts and reliable terms.

Even our application process is speedy. It only takes minutes to finish and less than 24 hours to receive competitive quotes directly to your inbox. So when you're ready to get the coverage you need and get back to growing your business, complete our all-online application!

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