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Comprehensive Insurance Coverage for Jewelry Stores

Jewelry stores hold a special place in American culture. Their windows sparkle with gems and precious metals, enticing customers to spoil themselves or their loved ones with a gift that lasts forever. Life-changing occasions, such as engagements and weddings, wouldn't be complete without a diamond ring or gold band.

But the stakes are high when you have valuable merchandise to protect. Whether you sell custom-made precious jewelry or antique finds, you have to worry about robberies and property damage - and the millions you could lose if an unexpected hit happens.

Small business insurance offers your jewelry store the peace of mind that even when the worst-case scenario occurs, you have a plan of action to handle the aftermath and keep your business afloat. Based on the unique merchandise you carry and your most common risk exposures, our retail business insurance agents recommend a business protection plan that includes…

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Read on to learn more about a critical coverage for jewelers.

Jewelers Block Insurance for Fine Jewelry Stores

Jewelers Block Insurance is a special kind of coverage offered only to businesses that handle and sell precious stones, metals, and valuable jewelry. Because a single piece of your stock can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, you need a little extra coverage to safeguard your store from the loss or damage of your merchandise.

This policy can include coverage for…

  • Merchandise left out of your safe when you're closed for business.
  • Bank vault coverage.
  • Show window coverage.
  • Money on and off your store's premises.
  • Merchandise given to another jeweler in the trade.
  • Jewelry given to customers on approval.
  • Wearing coverage.
  • Trunk show and trade show coverage.
  • Shipping via armored services or airfreight.
  • Employee theft coverage.

Talk to your Insureon agent to learn more about this policy and how it protects your valuable merchandise - both in your store and in transit.

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Give your fine jewelry store the protection it needs to thrive in today's litigious environment. Our jewelry retail insurance experts are here to help make the process a stress-free experience. To get started, simply apply online for a small business insurance quote, and we'll send competitive rates right to your inbox. If you see something you like, we can take you from quote to bind within 24 hours!

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