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Your general store - stocked with staples such as milk, bread, clothing, household goods, hardware, and tools - is more than just a corner shop. Your general merchandise store offers a reprieve from "big-box" shops and a taste of local flavor. Often, shops like yours are a central part of your community, saving your customers a long trek to the city and offering them a variety of discounted goods.

To keep your general store profitable, you have to worry about more than commercialized competitors. A single natural disaster or liability lawsuit could close your shop's doors for good if you don't have a financial safety net in place. Plus there are customer slips and falls, thefts, and your employees' on-the-job injuries that could translate into a setback for your business.

That's why general store owners rely on small business insurance - for the reassurance that their stores can survive a costly hit. Our retail insurance agents understand the risks your shop faces and recommend the following policies to safeguard your business…

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